Lawyer Ingo Grünewald

Specialist Lawyer for Insolvency Law
Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law
Insolvency Administrator

Lawyer Ingo Grünewald offers companies a wide spectrum of legal advice. Being a consultant with interdisciplinary mindset he is able to keep all relevant aspects of a case in mind and accompanies our clients through all important corporate decisions.

Ingo Grünewald is regularly appointed by the courts to become an insolvency administrator. He is also a partner at the renowned law firm of insolvency administrators Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas B. Schmidt Insolvenzverwalter Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB whose offices are situated in Trier and Zell. 

Furthermore, he is the chairman of the work group for legal counsel of the Regional Court at Koblenz and is also the lecturer for the induction seminar in which junior lawyers are prepared for their future legal work at the Regional Court in Trier. In his capacity as an examiner of the state examination of mandatory legal subjects and of the second state law examination he makes a further important contribution to his teaching and training activities. He is lecturer at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Science for insolvency law. 

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